Your customers’ first impressions often come from the design of your storefront. Quick Shopping Cart can help you create a positive impact with a well-designed store. While Quick Shopping Cart offers many options for customizing your site’s appearance.

With Quick Shopping Cart® you can easily create a successful online store. We'll walk you through setting it up and creating your online store so you can quickly start selling your products.


Quick Shopping Cart Economy

$ 9.99


  • 20-Product catalog
  • 1 Image per product
  • 1 GB disk space
  • 150 GB bandwidth
  • FREE hosting

Quick Shopping Cart Deluxe

$ 29.99


  • 100-Product catalog
  • 5 Images per product
  • 10 GB disk space
  • 500 GB bandwidth
  • FREE hosting

Quick Shopping Cart Premium

$ 49.99


  • Unlimited Product catalog
  • 10 Images per product
  • 50 GB disk space
  • 1,000 GB bandwidth
  • FREE hosting

Changing Your Store's Template

In Quick Shopping Cart, you can easily change your template at any time. New templates let you experiment with different combinations of designs and colors, which can completely change the look and feel of your online store

Changing Your Store's Template Images

All of Quick Shopping Cart’s templates come with a set of default images, known as Template Images. If those images don’t fit the look and feel of your store, they can be changed. Like the other media-based options, your Template Images use the Media Gallery. For more information, see Using the Media Gallery.

Configuring Your Storefront Information

Once you’ve chosen a template, you need to provide information about your business to customers. The information you provide will display on your storefront.

Selecting Category and Product Page Styles

Selecting the display style of your products and categories pages is the last step in designing the basis of your storefront. If you don’t have time to add images to each of your products and categories, you can add a placeholder image that will display for all of your products and categories until you have time to add individual product images.